Introducing: Dare!

Introducing: Dare!

The best new nights in town. This month: Dare!

Residents: Much respected house DJ Jon Pleased Wimmin (pictured), who has played at some of the biggest nights across the globe from Puscha and Miss Moneypennies to Fabric and Pressure.

Guests: Nothing is confirmed but expect the cream of local DJs and some big names over coming months once Dare! is a bit more established (remember Mr Pleased Wimmin has an enviable contacts book).

Music policy: The soundtrack will be electronic dance music but kept loose and free flowing with cuts from the likes of Todd Terje and Mylo alongside classics from Blondie, The Human League, Soft Cell or Giorgio Morodor, plus modern eclectica from MGMT, CCS or Hercules & Love Affair to keep things interesting.

What they say: ‘Dare! is a celebration of electronic dance music in all its finery, from past classics to what’s new, a club that puts the enjoyment of quality music top of the agenda. Dare! is a space where you can dance, drink and socialise with like-minded people and listen to the new and old wave of throbbing dancefloor delights. We aim to create an atmosphere that harks back to pre-house clubs where the key is escapism and losing your inhibitions. Dare! is an inclusive night regardless of age, sexual preference or gender. This complements the approach to the music and with this we are sure to guarantee a right knees-up for all.’

What we say: A dig through JPW’s record crate is always going to throw up some classic tunes and it sounds like he’s got free reign to play what he wants so there should be enough curve balls to keep the dancefloor swelteringly hot. Also the intimate environs of the Speakeasy at Cabaret Voltaire should lead to a night of new friends as well as a new appreciation of electronica from through the ages.

Dare!, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Nov.


Taking over the Speakeasy with a celebration of dance music from through the ages (from Giorgio Moroder to Mylo) all from the masterful Jon Pleased Wimmin and Adam le Chic.

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