Pieter Waterdrinker - The German Wedding (4 stars)

Pieter Waterdrinker - The German Wedding


Pieter Waterdrinker’s clever wedding farce isn’t the average boy meets girl story. Here, rich girl meets conniving boy; girl fakes pregnancy to trap boy, boy lies through teeth to get hands on her colossal inheritance – and breathtaking ‘knockers’ – and respective families are invited to wedding party of the year. The German in-laws arrive at a Dutch seaside town in 1958, with a full oompah brass band in tow, oblivious to the bitter post-war, ‘anti-Kraut’ resentment filling the air.

The scene is set to end with, in the language of TV listings, ‘hilarious consequences’. And it does, with Liza’s bitchy, Lady Muck mother cavorting with young hotel staff, and the groom chasing skirt into toilets and Nazi party meetings. But under the camp soap opera icing, Waterdrinker’s plot conceals a poison-laced cake, where wartime crimes and national shame rear their ugly heads. A comedy of bad manners, full of bad people, and good fun.

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