3OH!3 (4 stars)


3OH!3 at The Classic Grand, Glasgow. Photo: Craig Dickson

Classic Grand, Glasgow, Fri 6 Nov 2009

The sold out crowd at the Classic Grand is baying for Colorado's 3OH!3 to start the festivities tonight. Coming on stage to chants of their name and torrents of high-pitched girl screams, they waste no time in blasting into their brand of frat boy crunk pop. It's immediately clear that this is a group on a mission to get the audience to join their party, and the Friday night Glasgow crowd does not need much encouragement.

Playing selections from their current album Want, they break out latest single 'Starstrukk' (sans-Katy Perry) in the middle of the set to the hugely appreciative audience. The musical backbone is provided by a live bassist and drummer, combined with massive backing tracks pounding out of a computer. On top of this the two singers bound around the stage inciting the crowd to ever higher levels of excitement.

They finish with an encore of their biggest hit to date, 'Don't Trust Me', eliciting the most enthusiastic response of the night. 3OH!3 aren't going to win awards for pushing artistic boundaries, but their collision of crunk, pop and rock still sounds fresh tonight, and the satisfied faces as the audience trickle out are testimony to a party mission accomplished.


3OH! - Starstrukk, featuring Katy Perry


Over-14s show. Fratboy electro pop duo from Denver named after their area phone code.

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