Goldie Hawn's director grandson

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  • 8 November 2009
Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn's director grandson

Goldie Hawn has praised daughter Kate Hudson's son Ryder's determination and believes he will grow up to become a film director

Goldie Hawn is convinced her grandson is going to become a director.

The 'Private Benjamin' actress thinks daughter Kate Hudson's five-year-old son, Ryder, has what it takes to get behind the camera because he knows exactly what he wants.

Kate said: "My mother has said, 'He'll be a director of something because everything is specific.' You know, we went to this birthday party where everybody was getting their faces painted and the kids were going, 'I want to be Spider-Man or Batman.' But Ryder was like, 'I want a red face and I want white around the eyes, I want a white mouth, I want spikes and yellow dots on each one.'

"But the face painter didn't do it exactly like that, and in the car later, Ryder was on the phone with his dad Chris and I said, 'Tell Daddy about your face.' And he goes, 'She did it totally wrong.' I was like, 'What do you mean?' He said, They're not mountain peaks, they're hills. They're not peaks, they're not sharp.' I told him, 'Honey, but they look great.' Then he replied, No, mom. They're hills.' Oh yeah, he knows what he wants!"

Kate - who was previously married to Ryder's dad, rocker Chris Robinson - also revealed she has not ruled out getting wed again.

The 'Nine' star - who is now dating baseball player Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez - said: "I understand why people want to get married - I loved getting married, I loved my wedding day, I loved Chris, I still love Chris. But I feel like it all depends."

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