Daring Nicole Kidman

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  • 8 November 2009
Nicole Kidman

Daring Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman deliberately chooses film roles which she knows will attract criticism because she doesn't want to be ''safe''

Nicole Kidman doesn't ever want a "safe" love life.

The actress - who was wed to actor Tom Cruise for 10 years and is now married to country singer Keith Urban - always opts for "extreme" romances and movies because she would hate to have a boring life.

She said: "In the end I hope my life will be a mix of extreme love and bold artistic choices. I've never wanted to be safe. I've never chosen safe relationships. And I've never chosen safe films."

The 42-year-old actress is so keen to make a point, she actively "seeks out" film roles she will be criticised for.

She explained: "If you're taking risks it isn't always going to work, and year, it hurts sometimes. But I have a career where I have had to weather the storms. It's become second nature to me. I'm used to my roles and the movies I'm in being criticised. I seek it out. In my life I do not seek out a safe place. I like existing in an uncomfortable place artistically."

The red-haired starlet is so determined to star in films she enjoys, she doesn't care whether they're a success or not.

She said: "To be honest with you, it's never been important to me. I have very avant-garde tastes - that's just what I'm drawn to. Sometimes that means working on tiny, often unheard-of artistic endeavours, sometimes it means working on movies like 'Australia' or 'Moulin Rouge!', which make big, bold, epic statements.

"I make films that aren't everybody's cup of tea, I realise that. I get it. But that's where I am. I want to take risks. I want excitement, danger and uncertainty."

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