Exposure: Pareto

Exposure: Pareto

Pareto - The Fireworks Were Short-lived

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While still a relatively new band, Glasgow-based Pareto are already catching the attention of some respected names, and gaining deserved recognition across Scotland. The undeniable energy of tracks such as 'Wolves Behind Fences' is matched by the speed at which they have progressed in such a short period of time. Citing influences from American groups such as Braid and Sparta to Scottish favourites, Biffy Clyro and Idlewild, Pareto write memorable melodies and perform with genuine spirit. I caught up with Stuart Caldow [aka Caldo] (bass), Ewan McDonald (drums) and Kunal Kapur (vocals, guitar) to find out more about their experiences so far, and plans for the upcoming future.

Pareto formed earlier this year. How did you get together? Can you tell us a little about what you had been doing previously?

Kunal: Well, we all kind of already new each other through the local music scene. Caldo and I used to play in a band and things didn’t quite work out so we decided to start Pareto. Ewan was already in a couple of bands before too, so we got him on board.

Caldo: It was all wee bit rushed. We were offered a gig in King Tut's before we had even got the band officially together. Little did they know that we hadn’t even stepped foot in a rehearsal room! It seemed to work out more than OK though as we were offered another show straight after coming off stage.

How would you describe your sound? Do you have a particular sound that you aim for, or do you let the songs themselves determine the style?

Ewan: We like to mix it up a little, and might write a poppy song followed by a riffy type song, but we always try to aim for a strong melody more than anything else. Kunal sings in a strong Irish/Scottish accent so that kind of defines us too.

Who would you say your main influences are?

Kunal: I think we are all into Scottish music in general. Bands such as Stapleton, Aerogramme, Frightened Rabbit and Biffy Clyro - actually, who doesn’t like Biffy? They are awesome! I often tend to listen to some electro as well, but I don’t think this shines through in our music. I don’t know, it may some day.

Caldo: Stuff from the DIY American scene - Braid, American Football, Gay For Johnny Depp and Fugazi. Slipknot on rainy days.

Ewan: Death Cab for me too!

An increasing number of bands are using the Internet to promote and network. How important has the Internet been in regards to keeping in contact with your audience, and promoting your gigs?

Ewan: I would say that all bands use the net to promote now. For a band like us starting out, I think it's as important being good musically as it is to have someone in the band who's constantly in touch with your online stuff, blogs, Twitter and other promotion. Which is a total shame, as there's so many good musicians out there that just don't get online or go out and network, and end up having this great music that nobody hears.

Can you tell us the experiences you have shared as a band since you formed? Any particularly good or bad experiences you'd like to tell us about?

Kunal: Having only formed in March this year, we are still quite a new band and everything seems to be going quite well.

Caldo: Yeah, we’ve had some radio play from some stations down south which has been cool, and being able to share stages with some bands we are fans of has been great. I personally enjoyed playing some dates with Dave House.

Do you have any upcoming shows or releases? What are your plans for the next few months?

Caldo: We have a single planned for release on the 30th November. Its going to be on a limited edition CD and downloadable from all the major download sites. To coincide with this we are going to play some dates around Scotland with Orko ending in Glasgow’s Captains Rest on the 29th November.


Pareto play Captain's Rest, Glasgow on Sun 29 Nov

Pareto, Dilectrics, Bear Arms and WeCameFromWolves

Melodic alt.rock from Glasgow trio Pareto. Skippy Dyes play in the bar. Part of New Year's Revolution.

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