Exposure: Japanese Voyeurs

Exposure: Japanese Voyeurs

All fast guitars and heightened yelps, Japanese Voyeurs create the sort of music that can really only be done by those still young enough to have that satisfying sense of havoc. Luckily, that’s exactly what these guys are, and they do it well, being an almost London version of Be Your Own Pet, but lacking the pointlessness and adding a drop or two of hedonism. And they’ve played with Gang of Four! How awesome is that? Anyway, here’s what they said to The List.

What's the background behind Japanese Voyeurs? Whose involved and when did you all get together?
Rich Waldren (keys): Me and Romily (Alice, lead singer/guitar) starting playing together and we recruited some Cosmic Crusaders about a year ago.

You're loud and fun. Is that what music should be?
Romily: I don't know what anyone elses music should be like. We just try to play what feels good to us.
Tom Lamb (bass): It should definitely be loud!

What do you hope people gain from your music?
Romily: I hope it makes people feel animal. Makes them see things in a different way. Makes them want to go out and smash stuff.

You've just supported Gang of Four. How was it opening for such a legendary act who I assume are pretty big influences?
Johnny Seymour (guitar): Yeah it was awesome, the Forum is a great venue too.
Romily: It was fun.
Rich: Would be nice to play with them again for sure!

What plans are there for the future too? Any albums/EPs on the way?
Johnny: Well there's our first ep coming in October. As for an album, sometime next year I'd say.

What's the nicest response you've had to your music?
Tom: When people say we sound like bands that I'm really into. That's cool.
Romily: Some kid once sent me a message saying it'd helped them out when they felt bad. That made me happy cause a lot of bands helped me out when I was younger and feeling pretty shitty. It's nice to return the favour.

Japanese Voyeurs play Captains Rest, Glasgow (with Paper Planes) Thu 26 Nov; Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh Fri 27 Nov


Japanese Voyeurs - Dumb


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