Jekyll (2 stars)

BBC1, Sat 16 Jun, 9pm


I suppose we should be grateful to the BBC for at least trying to push the boat out with Jekyll. At this time on a Saturday evening, we’re usually being treated to Graham Norton telling us who won’t be Joseph or mopping up the Casualty blood with our eyes. Instead we get this largely confusing, fairly ridiculous contemporary take on the Robert Louis Stevenson legend of the split personality. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the much-anticipated Jekyll has fallen a bit flat, given that it has been scripted by Steven Moffat who may have written some decent Doctor Who episodes but was also responsible for Coupling. Yes, Coupling … sorry to remind you.

In this, James Nesbitt plays scruffy but nice Dr Tom Jackman, whose bloodshot dark side comes in the form of the dapper but nasty Mr Hyde. Jackman is able to speak to Hyde by leaving messages on a dictaphone and is getting some kind of treatment from a psychiatric nurse played by Michelle ‘Zoe Slater’ Ryan. Meanwhile, there are hoods after Hyde, who is leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake. Of course, the series may well pick up as it gets into its stride, but you get the impression that Nesbitt took on the role just so he could over-indulge his cheeky charmer side when transformed by some rather weird prosthetic work into Hyde. Being better than Robin Hood can’t be any kind of recommendation. (Brian Donaldson)

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