Bad Robot

Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, weekly Sat


Say goodbye to Club NME and all things indie and hello to Bad Robot, the Art School’s new Saturday night residency brought to you by the people behind the Streetlife parties. Craig Loosejoints and Stevie Elements have taken over the reins at the Glasgow clubbing institution and are planning a playlist assault and rota of guests that will cut across all genres including hip hop, electro, breaks and disco. As for indie music, Craig says, ‘we wouldn’t rule it out but I wouldn’t come expecting to hear Babyshambles or anything like that.’

This new night is also about cultivating relationships with other promoters and working with other clubnights to put on guests. However, Craig is very clear that Bad Robot is ‘not just another club that books a big guest and relies on that; we want to really make it more of a community thing and involve people from the local area. So, working with other clubnights as well, which is something we have always done in the past.’

The first of these collaborations is with the Emergency crew and disco king Daniel Wang on 14 Oct. Announcing a guest in advance is a big departure from their Streetlife days where that never happened. ‘The idea was that, even if you didn’t make it there you would hear about it afterwards, that so and so had guested there and it also meant that DJs could come and play outside of their normal genre. Twitch from Optimo came and played a Latin-house set. The idea is that people can play exactly what they want to without the restriction of knowing they have an audience that is coming to hear their usual thing.’ This idea will definitely spill over into Bad Robot, so you never know who might be playing at any given time if you pop in.

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