Exposure: The Twisted Melons

Exposure: The Twisted Melons

The Twisted Melons - Kicks

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The Twisted Melons are three brothers from Kintyre whose musical path veers somewhere between the frenetic pace and monster riffage of Biffy Clyro and the kind of stadium rock choruses the Foo Fighters have been knocking out for the past decade, creating a sound that is remarkably spacious and frankly, huge, considering it's just the three of them.

However, the path to world domination seemingly every band claims to be on would still appear to be long and arduous for this Scottish power trio, who are still in the early stages. Nevertheless, on the back of new album 3.3 it looks like it will take a lot to halt the searing energy at the heart of the band's progression anytime soon. So, yes, watch this space - and all that jazz.

In the meantime, here's a few words with the brothers Johnson to whet your appetite.

How did the band first come together?

The line-up was a fluke to start with, very last minute and completely haphazard. We were all in different bands, and Mark even playing a different instrument.

What attracted you to playing this kind of music? Do you share similar tastes or inspirations?

Steve enjoys engaging in philosophical debate and paradigm-smashing. Paul has a never-assuaged appetite for patently awful jokes. Mark has a pragmatic and realistic approach that leads to getting anything done. The tension between ideas is vital.

If you were pushed, how would you describe your sound?

Unabashed melodic rock on fire: too often, bands have to seem to pretend to be what they are: rather than being intelligent, they are faux intelligent; instead of rocking, they are pretend-rocking. We are proud to make quite silly, happy, intense, confusing music full of heartache and philosophical quandaries. It's sometimes sweet, sometime furious, recklessly romantic, ostensibly deranged, bittersweet and fun.

What would you say has inspired your new album?

Trying to capture what we do live was the starting point, and then bringing all the different ideas together. The challenge is then to melange it all into something cohesive and accessible. The literature of Robert Anton Wilson, Dr John Lilly, James Joyce, Life, Love, Hope, Joy, Disappointment, Tragedy, Euphoria, Illumination.

What do you hope people will take from the record?

Don't let coolness cramp your style; there's no need to be embarrassed about wanting things to Be More Awesome.

What would say has been your favourite/least favourite show so far?

Favourite show: Playing to the Tartan Army Travel club football tournament party. 600 maniacs dancing on the tables. Brilliant! Least favourite would be raining, windy, dangerous and outside - and there have been a lot of those.

If you could play one song to give people the best idea of what you're all about, what would it be?

'Messages'. It's got the big ideas, big choruses, big guitars and is excellent for dancing.

Where would you like to see yourselves in the next few years?

Still making music no-one else thinks of.

The Twisted Melons play Teviot Student Union, Edinburgh Sat 21 Nov and Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow, Sun 22 Nov.



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