Exposure: Teenagers in Tokyo

Exposure: Teenagers in Tokyo

Teenagers in Tokyo. Photo: Emily Rotter

Teenagers in Tokyo - Peter Pan

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Teenagers in Tokyo are four ladies and one gentleman who play stylish art-rock with a new wave feel, and who have toured with the likes of CSS and The Gossip. They relocated from Sydney to London in June this year to chase the dream after releasing their debut EP and selling out of it in both Australia and the UK. Currently putting the finishing touches to their debut full-length LP, which was recorded with Bat For Lashes record producer David Kosten, they have been receiving the right kind of attention from the likes of Zane Lowe and the NME. The double A-side Isabella / Long Walk Home 7” is out now and we caught up with lead singer Samantha ahead of their first Scottish dates in November.

How did the band form initially and what made you want to play this sort of music?

The four of us girls met when we all started High School together. We were thrown in the same roll call class as all our surnames are close together. We really have our parents to blame for that! Rudy came into the picture a few years ago when he messaged us through MySpace saying that he liked our music. As you would have it, fate intervened and after discovering that we were drummer-less, he offered his skills. He came into a rehearsal, we hit it off and asked him to stick around.

The way that we've come to create this kind of music has been really organic. When we started we didn't have any expectations of what we wanted to sound like. We just picked up instruments and with no formal music training just started jamming out grooves and melodies that we thought sounded good.

You moved from Sydney to London. Why did you decide to make that jump?

We're very lucky to have signed with London-based label Back Yard Recordings, as well as having our manager and a great team of people around us here. There is also a much larger music scene, meaning more opportunities, but also more challenges, so it made sense for us to be where all the action is. We like to dive in and get amongst it.

And how has living in the UK been working out for you so far?

It's been really interesting and such a crazy adventure. There are a lot of things about London that are similar to Sydney, so adjusting hasn't been too hard. At the same time, moving out of your comfort zone is always a challenge, but we're enjoying being here and working solely on the band. At the moment we've been in this little bubble recording and living in London predominately, so we're looking forward to coming over to Glasgow! I used to work with a friend who grew up in Glasgow, so now I can finally experience what he used to talk about.

You recorded the album in the Welsh countryside. Do you feel that environment had any effect on the finished product?

The Welsh countryside was beautiful and we got to record in this secluded cottage, which was great because it was a really similar environment to where we wrote some of the album. We used to send ourselves away for band camps, where we would drive to this place a few hours from Sydney and set up a temporary studio for a week or so. It was in this old shearing shed, on top of these rolling mountains and we had no internet and barely any phone reception. It was really nice to be able to work in such a pleasant and peaceful environment for both the writing and recording. It has a really calming effect on you and no distractions, meaning you can just focus on the music.

What are your plans for the album release. Anything special lined up?

There are still a few final touches that we want to add to the album, but I'm sure once they are done we'll definitely want to do something special. It's our first album, so it would be criminal not to make a big deal of it! It's like having your first anything really, you want it to be amazing, special and, most of all, memorable.

Teenagers in Tokyo play Captain's Rest,Glasgow, Wed 14 Nov; Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, Thu 15 Nov.




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