The Dead Weather (4 stars)

The Dead Weather

The HMV Picture House, Edinburgh, Thu 22 Oct

Jack White’s third creative outlet made a blistering debut in Scotland with a night of growling scuzzy, fuzzy rock. The Dead Weather play it harder, faster and looser than even The White Stripes or The Raconteurs. This time calling on The Kills’ Alison Mosshart for vocals, Queens of the Stoneage’s Dean Fertita on guitar and Raconteurs bassist and bandmate Jack Lawrence to bolster the line-up.

It might be Mosshart front of stage for the majority of the set but this is still definitely ‘The Jack White Show’ judging by the fervour that greets him every time he emerges from behind the drum kit to strap on the guitar or take lead vocals. Which is a shame as Mosshart writhes and wails like a banshee possessed and when they share vocal duties (such as on ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’) it’s positively electric, charged with sleazy, dangerous energy.

The stage permanently bathed in throbbing strobe lighting the show is as much of an assault on your visual cortex as it is on your hearing. A fervent and energetic showcase of raw rock passion.

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