Slayer - World Painted Blood (3 stars)

Slayer - World Painted Blood


Being pretty much the complete package when they started, California’s Slayer are attributed with inspiring an entire generation towards replicating their heads down, relentless thrash riffage. The problem with that is that over the years, these originators feel compelled to do the same. This means that while a raft of their bloody offspring pull their sound in various new and inventive directions, the godfathers seem to be retreading old ground.

There are flashes of virulent magic here for sure, ‘Hate Worldwide’ and ‘Psychopathy Red’ reinforce the brilliance of the foursome’s playing, while ‘Playing With Dolls’’ arpeggiated doom suggests a willingness to experiment, but for the most part, their highly compressed, intense maelstrom remains a dynamic, if familiar thrill.

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