Weezer - Raditute (3 stars)

Weezer - Raditute


Who’d have thought one day Weezer and Slayer would be in the same spot? They’re both highly influential, having spawned several generations of bands single-handedly, but are now struggling to find ways to push themselves musically. Both bands are enjoying mixed success with that task.

Weezer’s collaboration with Lil’ Wayne is another tongue-in-cheek rap parody, Rivers Cuomo essentially throwing down some snuffly bling party lyrics while Wayne chirps in for a verse of arch analysis, it all feels a bit too clever for its own good and doesn’t go the whole nine yards and get truly surprising – only Indian tinged ‘Love is the Answer’ does that.

Bouncy, piss-takey singles abound as always, and Cuomo’s skill for a bittersweet love story with a fizzy chorus remains his strongest hand as with ‘Put Me Back Together’. Ultimately it’s not always about the new but just about the great and there are several picture perfect Weezer moments here, outweighing the sense of deja vu.

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