I Have a Secret to Tell You, (Please) Leave with Me

  • The List
  • 5 June 2007

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 8-Sat 9 Jun


‘I think, essentially, this piece is about escape,’ says choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. ‘About wanting to get to another level, to another place, another way of thinking, but wanting and needing someone else to come with you on the journey, to join you there.’

Johannessen, who is currently in Norway, is taking time out between meetings, and talks rapidly about the themes at work in I have a secret to tell you (please) leave with me, the piece her company Zero Visibility Corp are bringing to Tramway this fortnight. It’s a ballet, but performed to electronic music, which, as Johannessen says, ‘allows the dancers very very sharp, expressive movement’.

Four dancers: three men, one woman, enact the possibilities of movement and stasis, using little more than a white space and a wooden gym horse, itself at once static and representing an idea of perpetual motion. ‘I think this is a more metaphorical work than usual,’ says Johannessen, and certainly the reception in Scandinavia has suggested that I have a secret … represents a significant maturing in her work. ‘We use lights to create the ideas of seagulls and galloping horses. A lot of people have responded to the shadows, too - that idea of Plato’s Cave, you know, where you only see people’s shadows and presume them to be reality.’ (Kirstin Innes)

Excerpts from the work can be viewed at www.zerocorps.com

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