Public lover Russell Brand

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  • 2 November 2009
Russell Brand

Public lover Russell Brand

Russell Brand wishes there were public sex competitions, so he could show off his sexual prowess

Russell Brand wishes there were public sex competitions.

The British comedian - who is currently dating Katy Perry, and has been linked to a string of beauties in the past - admitted he initially set out to become good at sex because he's not a sportsman.

When asked if he used sex as a form of self-validation, he said: "Especially, because I'm not good at any sport. It's a pity there's not some forum where you can do it publicly."

He also compared his liaisons with numerous women to a form of "grooming".

'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' star Russell, 34, added: "When Britney Spears was on the MTV Video Music Awards with me, between takes, hair and make-up people would come over.

"We didn't need hair or make-up, it was just like monkeys comforting us, grooming us in a primal way, and I think a lot of my liaisons were just like that, grooming."

Russell, 34, also said he gets jealous of the way women orgasm, but also intimidated by it.

He added: "It's a bit frightening, this transformative quality, an orgasm in women. I imagine that it looks better than the miserable squirt men issue.

"It seems different, though, when there's an emotional element — transcendent."

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