Insecure Eva Green

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  • 31 October 2009
Eva Green

Insecure Eva Green

Sexy Bond girl Eva Green says she is a ''masochist'' who has as many body issues as normal women and says she was crazy to go into such a looks-obsessed profession

Eva Green "hates her bum".

The 'Casino Royale' star - who played a Bond girl in 'Casino Royale' and has modelled for Dior and Lancôme- has won praise for her curvy figure, but insists she was "crazy" to become an actress because she is so insecure about her looks.

She said: "I hate my bum. I'm like everybody. I only really decided to act because I am crazy, it is quite masochistic."

Despite her own body worries, the 29-year-old actress has said she worries about being typecast because of her looks.

She said:  "I am aware of the whole sexy French girl thing. You become a product and people typecast you. It is very stressful, because you take it personally if you are not right for a part and you question yourself a lot."

Eva, who had nude scenes in her first film 'The Dreamers', has also said she would happily strip again.

She revealed: "I like to show emotions and if that mean being naked and it's not gratuitous I might do it."

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