Dr Sketchy’s Birthday Boudoir

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  • 30 October 2009
Dr Sketchy’s Birthday Boudoir

The Dr Sketchy’s organisers have informed us, with perfectly straight faces, that this is their first birthday party. Now, we hate to quibble when a lady tells us her age, but we’re pretty sure we’ve been covering Dr Sketchy in this here publication since at least early 2007 … oh, what the hey. Any excuse for a party, and the Sketchettes have certainly pulled out all the stops this time. As well as the usual decadent burlescapades, this time round with added comedy from Madame Myfanwy, music from Freemoore, cocktails, cupcakes and the Lush staff on hand to dispense skincare goodies and massages. Oh yeah, and a drawing class.

Cabaret Voltaire’s Speakeasy, Edinburgh, Fri 6 Nov.

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Where cabaret meets life drawing – the models are burlesque divas, strapping hunks of manhood and circus freaks. Win alcohol and fancy art supply prizes at this antidote to solemn, lifeless classes.

Dr Sketchy's Birthday Boudoir

The burlesque life drawing classes celebrates one year in Edinburgh by taking over the Cab's Speakeasy for a night of decadent cabaret and burlesque with Madame Myfanwy, Sakura Tsui, Captain Edric and more. Tickets from www.drsketchyedinburgh.com.

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