Exposure: Mickey Gang

Exposure: Mickey Gang

Mickey Gang - Horses Can't Dance

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Cool, minimalist electronica and songs about menstruating horses – just what you’d expect from any bunch of 19-year-olds nowadays. Mickey Gang do it with a flair though, both beguilingly innocent yet with a knowing smile underneath, celebrating the Brazilian need for fun so evident in their upbeat, addictive music. Like CSS, but more fun and less sensual, or Hot Chip but interesting, Mickey Gang are young, hip and soon to take those carnival rhythms global. Here’s what they said to The List.

How did Mickey Gang get together?
We live in a really small town and had some mutual friends, we then started to hang out because we found the whole band thing funny. I mean, all our friends had bands, and they played on the whole 'guys in the band' thing. We thought it was so stupid so we started writing songs about them.

You're originally from Brazil - is that still home for you guys?
Yes. For now at least!

What sort of music were you listening to growing up there?
Our parents played us a lot of 80s pop music, we were into grunge for some time, teen pop and crap dance music, just like all the normal kids, as well as the whole modern rock thing.

How would you describe the Brazilian music scene now?
There are a lot of Brazilian rhythms going on. Not too much rock and pop and definitely no space for new bands.

The general perception of Brazil seems to be that of an exuberant carnival country. Has that attitude seeped into your own music?
Yeah, we definitely have a lot of influences from this kind of thing. Carnival is such a crazy time here. The year just starts after this, you can imagine the impact it has.

You're still all very young guys. What's it like touring the world at this stage in your life when most people your age are just off to university or starting work?
It's cool. I mean, if we weren't on this we would be working part time in a rubbish job and trying to get into the university, but its a bit scary. The music industry is sometimes a bit cruel. For sure we are facing things that we still don't understand.

You're making records too, with 7" Horses Can't Dance out recently. Where does the title come from, and how would you describe it?
It's about menstruation. You know, horses can't dance when they menstruate. I would say that it’s an odd love song.

When are we likely to get a whole album? And what can we expect?
We are recording some demos right now, and a lot of ideas are coming out every second. Hopefully there will be something out next summer.


Mickey Gang - Live in London Sep 2009

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