‘I first came across Pork at the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane in London when I was there with friends,’ says Dee, promoter and DJ of Cabaret Voltaire’s youthful Decklectic night. The Hull-based producer and label boss of Pork Recordings, real name David Brennand, made quite an impression on her. ‘It was one of his earliest Larkin Out nights and it was just quite inspirational, the way it was put together. The genres he played were a bit experimental, they chopped and changed, but it worked. When I first decided to put a club night on, I thought back to that night and knew I wanted him to play.’

Now Dee is onto her second instalment of Decklectic at Cab Vol’s Speakeasy, the first of which came during the Edinburgh Festival and featured live folk-rock group Saor Patrol. As the name of the club suggests, Dee doesn’t want to become known for doing just one thing. She was schooled in fashion design and an artist herself, so visual interventions also form part of the Decklectic experience.

‘I like to keep an open mind about the music I listen to’, she says, ‘so the last thing I want is for my own night to become pigeon-holed. The formula is that there is no formula, if that makes any sense’. From traditional live roots music to a DJ who plays downtempo electronica and is responsible for releasing music by Fila Brazilia and Baby Mammoth, amongs others; we think we know where she’s coming from.

The Speakeasy at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 14 Nov


A mind expanding melange of psychedelic art, music and visuals with a mix of house, techno, go-go girls and eclectic sounds form David 'Pork' Brennand.


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