Masked dubstep DJ and producer Stenchman has just finished a nationwide UK tour supporting Enter Shikari the night before The List speaks to him, and he’s pleasantly surprised with the way their fans took to him. ‘I got a great reaction,’ he says, ‘and I even managed to cause a few moshpits. But then dubstep is something that Enter Shikari have experimented with themselves, it’s a style that’s becoming a lot more mainstream.’

Stenchman himself isn’t exactly hurting the cause of bringing dubstep to a wider audience. As Jack Carter, a Londoner who’s now based in Dover, he started out playing drum & bass, breaks and electro in his mid teens. It was his D&B productions as Henchman which first got him noticed, and picked up by rave legend Micky Finn’s Finn People label, but a relatively recent conversion to the dubstep style has seen his credibility explode. Last year’s track ‘What the Future Holds’ was picked up by DJs like Skream, Enzyme and Chef, among others.

He isn’t finished yet, though. The Stenchman stage show is distinguished by the creepy, stitched-up hangman’s mask he wears. It started out as a bit of fun, but has become such a trademark that he actually travelled to America to get a new version from the guy who made Slipknot’s masks, and won’t willingly be photographed without it. Could this be the first move in a campaign of taking dubstep to arena stages, like The Prodigy with rave or Pendulum with drum & bass? ‘I’m trying to get a live act together right now,’ says Carter. Remember this scary face.

Volume! at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 6 Nov


The dubstep night celebrates the Edinburgh Festival with a special free party of quality dubstep, bassline, jungle, grime and electro.

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