5 reason to go and see Mariachi El Bronx

5 reason to go and see Mariachi El Bronx

1: They’re not to be confused with The Bronx
Actually, they are. LA hardcore punk outfit The Bronx and LA mariachi troupe Mariachi El Bronx are, in fact, one and the same. They’ve ditched the screaming and distortion pedals for trumpets and sombreros.

2: Really?
Yup. According to singer Matt Caughthran: ‘It was a way to flip the electric-goes-acoustic performance garbage. We were invited to play live on television but decided that a cheesy acoustic version of our song was not what we wanted to do. The project triggered something inside all of us that was unexpected. It felt like discovering a second soul within you.’

3: They’re not big on album titles
As The Bronx the band have released three albums, all called The Bronx. Their debut album as Mariachi El Bronx is called, you guessed it, Mariachi El Bronx.

4: They have their own fragrance called ‘Barrio Sweat’
A limited edition of the album comes with a free bottle of cologne which apparently smells like ‘mineral spirits, sage, thyme and green fig, adobe, loose sand and dry grasses, sweet agave and caramelized goats milk. It is a fragrance of another time for today.’ It also comes with an agave snout weevil larvae drowned in the bottle. Classy.

5: They’re not to be confused with Black Flag
Although they did once appear in a movie as Black Flag.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wed 18 Nov.

Mariachi El Bronx

The Los Angeles hardcore punk band The Bronx appears in its mariachi band guise.

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