Robbie Williams desperate to move

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  • 29 October 2009
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams desperate to move

'Bodies' singer Robbie Williams has slashed the price of his English country mansion by more than £1 million because he is so desperate to move back to sunny Los Angeles

Robbie Williams is selling his country mansion for a £1 million loss because he can't face the British winter.

After just eight months in England, the 'Bodies' singer and his girlfriend Ayda Field - who bought the 18th century Wiltshire house for £8.5 million in February - have slashed the estate's price so they can get back to sunny Los Angeles as quickly as possible.

An insider said: "Robbie is desperate to get things moving quickly rather than hang around just to get a bit more money. Being settled back in the States quickly with Ayda is more important to him.

"He's already got a few people interested in the mansion."

The 35-year-old star has previously admitted the house - which has its own helicopter hangar, temples and fountains - was an "impulse buy" when he returned to England after five years in the US.

He and Ayda were planning to make it their family home, but quickly became fed up with the rainy weather.

He recently said: "Ayda's always wanted to have the change in the seasons - and it's winter and glorious. The garden is pretty special, a winter wonderland and you just want to get cosy.

"Then it comes to summer and the weather doesn't change that much. Then you think, 'Hmm, LA was good'. Every day you wake up you're in the sun. Your body feels different, your mind feels different - so we're going back."

Although Robbie would like to keep the house, he has admitted he can't afford to maintain it if he's not living there.

He said: "I can't really afford to keep it. Maintenance is a lot. I've done a few impulse buys and it leaves you no money."

Robbie Williams

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