Exposure: Bronto Skylift

Exposure: Bronto Skylift

For some reason duos can conjure more volume and power than traditional groups of twice the size can manage. Think The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Lightning Bolt, The Carpenters. OK, we can’t think of any more. No, hold on, here come Glasgow-based duo Niall Strachan (vocals and guitar, originally from Inverness) and Iain Stewart (drums, originally from Orkney) to remind us all of the power of two.

How did you start working together?
We met at a mutual friend’s Hallowe’en party almost exactly two years ago and hit it off straight away. It was the day after that we started practising together, and that’s us played 110 gigs now.

What was the intention for your music at the start?
Just to have fun with it, and not to consciously try and sound like anyone else (The List notes hints of Nirvana, Shellac and Lightning Bolt in there). It was around March this year that people started taking notice, we played T in the Park, Belladrum and Loopallu. And Rock Ness, because we were invited by Vic Galloway. Our first EP just came out too: it’s called The Bearded Fish and the Jackalope.

You’re not worried about being sued by the Bronto Skylift’s makers, are you?
Not really, I don’t think anyone would ever get us confused with a hundred-foot crane. If they did, though, we’d just be Bronto. Not that we’ll ever have enough money to be sued!

Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Fri 13 Nov, with Japandroids and Super Adventure Club.

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