Keser (4 stars)


GRV, Edinburgh, Fri 23 Oct

There are three words which it will probably become a legal requirement to use in all reviews of this band: epic, soundscape, cinematic. There. Done. Another one, if we’re talking about the live Keser experience, is loud: the noise coming from these two most unassuming of chaps defies the laws of physics, seeming to sound bigger than the room itself could possibly contain. Compared with the ambient sounds of the record they’re launching tonight, this is heavier, with more thunderous beats and guitar that reverberates through your very core.

With no vocals and little in the way of a leading melody to distract you, it’s the tiny, nuanced variations that mean a lot. Whether it’s the odd syncopated beat or a key change in just one layer of the rich overall sound, these are the progressions that carry you along on this slow-burning, but ultimately very rewarding journey. The most richly layered are the best of the tracks, combining droning guitars, a stuttering electronic beat and rippling melody combining to tell a gripping musical tale.

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