The Brute Chorus - The Brute Chorus (3 stars)

The Brute Chorus - The Brute Chorus


Turning up to the indie party in an eye-catching array of ye olde dapper attire, monster quiffs and (possibly) ironic moustaches, The Brute Chorus certainly know how to make an impact. You see, they recorded this debut in one teeth-chatteringly nervy take in front of 300 fans at London’s Roundhouse; borrowing equipment from the likes of Rod Stewart and, erm, Lionel Richie to commit their ragged, romantic sing-alongs to tape. Drawing on a range of subject matter from love and religion to fables, mythical beasts and, even, the odd Greek tragedy in songs that mix punchy rhythms with ferociously strummed riffs, The Brute Chorus is as infectious as it is bold.

Portugal. The Man, Sissy & the Blisters and This Silent Forest

Alaskan indie rock trio, now based in Portland, Oregon, who tap into folk, blues and soul influences.

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