Records - Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood (3 stars)


Out Louder (Indirecto Records)


The combination of guitarist John Scofield with the Medeski, Martin & Wood trio was first heard back in 1999 on Scofield’s A Go-Go album. On that occasion, it was very much the guitarist’s project - the music was his, and the trio essentially played the role of sidemen. This re-match on MM&W’s new label is presented as a more collective project, with both sides contributing compositions and taking a more democratic share of the musical spotlight.

It’s not hard to predict the outcome. The combination works best when they settle into the up-tempo, energised funk-blues grooves that underpin most of the compositions, while both Scofield and John Medeski have ample room to stretch out in their solos. The package comes with an additional live CD that has an even more spontaneous feel, and repeats only one tune from the studio disc.

(Kenny Mathieson)

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