Records - Calvin Harris (3 stars)


I Created Disco (SonyBMG)


Already a serious challenger to Mylo’s title as Scotland’s favourite rumoured-to-be-but-not-really-Kylie-collaborating bedroom producer, Dumfries’ Calvin Harris has made a thoroughly convincing debut album on his battered old Amiga. By the very nature of its construction, however, it does threaten to get a bit grating after the first few key tracks - Harris’ Yazoo-like beeps and squawks might sound great in small chunks amidst the Sunday afternoon charts, but you find yourself wishing for a bit more of his band’s electric live presence.

Undoubted winners include the lascivious ‘The Girls’ and the healthily ironic staccato electro of ‘Colours’, ‘Electro Man’ and the title track. Fortunately for Harris these just outweigh the likes of ‘Merrymaking at My Place’, which rather annoyingly take the joke just that bit too far.

(David Pollock)

Calvin Harris

The Dumfries producer and DJ has become of the biggest EDM artists in the world, behind huge hits and even bigger collaborations including 'I Need Your Love', 'Blame', 'Summer' and 'We Found Love' with Rihanna.

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