Lara Favaretto (3 stars)

Lara Favaretto

Kids wriggle out of their parents’ hands and run around to imitate the colourful carwash brushes spinning like whirling dervishes. Choreographed by Italian artist Lara Favaretto, these large kaleidoscopic objects have been installed around the circumference of the Tramway space. Placed together in small clusters, their huge bristles come to life, set by a timer to morph in and out of playful shapes – each with a different texture as its centrifuge gives life to an outlandish creature.

Favaretto is interested in the tragicomic characteristics of the carnivalesque, and her works take on a performative element where she is conscious of the viewer’s interaction fulfilling the meaning of the piece. Her larger oeuvre reveals this recurring thread where she plays with using the viewer’s imagination to complete an idea piece.

In this show there is also an intentional element of termination as the brushes sweep against iron slabs, wearing out their bristles. Similarly a series of compacted black confetti cubes are placed in the middle of the space – inevitably perishable as the movement of passersby and wind generated by the brushes will cause them to end up in a pile of multitude shreds of paper.

Bearing some resemblance to abstract paintings and titled with names such as ‘Harold and Maude’, ‘Fantaman’, ‘Scarlet Witch and Silver Surfer’, kids will have the best of it as they clearly perceive these objects as fun unpredictable moving things five times their size and a trigger to their inexhaustible imaginations.

Tramway, Glasgow, until Sun 13 Dec

Lara Favaretto

  • 3 stars

Italian artist Favaretto brings her infectiously playful works and carnivalesque atmosphere to the Tramway.

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