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Predestination Records: Volume Two (Predestination)


An ambitious venture from new Stirling indie label Predestination, this compilation is the second in a series that charts some of Scotland’s (and, indeed, the UK’s) finest young unsigned rock acts.

As ever with such a project, there’s great and not so great music on offer here. Dead or American, for example, are one of the most stridently melodic of the ten bands, yet they might be seen as a little timid by those who appreciate, for example, Take a Worm For a Walk Week - grimacing thrash metal that can’t be faulted for reaching it’s target audience. Le Singe Blanc have a rather annoying way with mock-theatrical lyrics, whereas the ever-reliable piano-led thrash of Lapsus Linguae constitutes the album’s real touch of demented class.

(David Pollock)

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