Liam Gallagher to start new band

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  • 27 October 2009
Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher to start new band

Liam Gallagher has revealed he is planning to start a new band following his brother Noel's decision to quit Oasis this summer

Liam Gallagher is going to start a new band.

The former Oasis frontman - whose brother Noel Gallagher quit the band in August - is planning to embark on a new project in the new year without his sibling.

He said: "I'm always going to miss Oasis. It was my f***ing thing, you know what I mean? It's who I am. But it's only a name. I'm still who I am and I can go and do something else. I've got music in me. I'll never leave it behind but we'll see where it goes. It might be s**t but you don't know until you try.

"Getting away from the whole Oasis thing is going to be a good thing I suppose. I don't want to do anything solo. I want to be in a band. But we can do things a lot differently these days. It'll definitely be rock 'n' roll."

Liam plans to launch his group next year and has promised the project will take a different musical direction to Oasis.

He added to The Scotsman newspaper: "For now, I'll be relaxing at home, just getting out of music for a bit and then I'm going to start up something maybe after January, do something different, see where it goes. But I'll be having a breather from the music for a bit without a doubt."

Liam - who is about to launch his own Pretty Green clothing range - is looking forward to a new challenge because music means so much to him.

The 'Songbird' singer said: "We're doing the Pretty Green stuff but you don't just do 18 years of music and then go, 'Right that's it I want to do f***ing clothes.' There's no point in looking cool and having no tunes is there?"

Beady Eye

Liam Gallagher and the rest of the Oasis line-up who are not Noel strut their stuff.