Records - Nina Nastasia and Jim White (3 stars)


You Follow Me (FatCat)


The teaming up of two such strong musical minds as this masterful Chicagoan singer-songwriter and the deft sticksman from Aussie rabble rousers The Dirty Three could only end in something at the very least fascinating.

Nastasia’s songs have always been atmospheric, close cut affairs that deal with intimacy, intimately with the listener. What White brings to the table is a scattergun dynamic, which, to be fair, wasn’t originally missing from Nastasia’s songs. The overall effect is mixed. On ‘Late Night’, ‘I Come After You’ and ‘The Day I Would Bury You’ the two fuse perfectly, the drama of both performers combining to the right effect, while in other places, White’s percussive spikes interrupt rather than complement. When this works, the beauty of the original songs is even accentuated.

(Mark Robertson)

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