Worried mother Charlotte Church

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  • 22 October 2009
Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson

Worried mother Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church's daughter suffers from Breath Holding Spells (BHS), a disorder where she holds her breath until she passes out

Charlotte Church's daughter suffers from a disorder where she holds her breath until she passes out.

The 'Crazy Chick' singer revealed her two-year-old, Ruby, has been diagnosed with Breath Holding Spells (BHS) - a condition which affects her when she has a tantrum.

She said: "The first time it happened it was absolutely horrendous."

Charlotte, 23, and her rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson, 27, immediately rushed their daughter to hospital.

She added: "Some children do this until the age of about three, when they grow out of it.

"We've been taught to bring her round by spraying her face with water or blowing on her face."

Despite having a remedy, Charlotte added that every time Ruby has one of her Breath Holding Spells the couple panic.

She continued: "Every time it's happened she's been fine afterwards but it causes Gavin and I a lot of worry."

Charlotte - who also has an eight-month-old son called Dexter with Gavin - added she doesn't think he won't start showing any signs of developing any health conditions.

She said: "He's as strong as a silverback gorilla. He has a really wide back and is very strong. He can already pull himself up on to things."

Medical experts claim up to five per cent of children have BHS.

Charlotte Church

The former childhood 'voice of an angel' turned 'crazy chick' makes another bid for pop rather than tabloid acceptance.

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