Trash Fashion and 586 (3 stars)

TRASH FASHION (3 Stars) 586 (4 Stars)

Spies in the Wires@Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 10 May


(Picture: Trash Fashion)

How smartypants London quintet 586’s charming concoction of shouty, dancy pop-pummelling got itself hijacked by the smattering of glowsticks-to-the-max joke-New Rave trendies in evidence tonight is Scooby-gang mysterious. Six months back they’d have been hailed as post-punk pastichists extraordinaire. Then again, 586’s sound is actually pre-punk, their reedy confection of mid-70s dressing-up-box dramatics and fairground boy/girl dub more resembling long-lost missing link between glam and new wave.

586’s finest moment, ‘Saying My Name’ may be the result of drug’n’ cheese induced paranoia, but in terms of over-ripe Cheddar, Trash Fashion prove themselves as equally willing to embrace self-parody as they are in the YouTube-available mockumentary highlighting their east London antics in a manner more resembling CBeebies than CBGBs. Think a scrotey, monged-up alliance between EMF, Goldie Lookin’ Chain, The Darkness and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Most of all, though, think a Spinal Tap-style scam. Did someone blink? That’ll be another bandwagon missed then.

(Neil Cooper)

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