Funeral for a Friend

Revolution at QMU, Glasgow, Tue 17 Oct


Funeral For A Friend are the latest in a long line of bands from every genre to throw away their instruments for a night and park themselves behind a set of decks instead. People like Peter Hook, Mani and Andy Rourke have all carved out lucrative careers by playing other people’s records, yet this current trend of bands doing DJ sets has had some mixed receptions.

Fans are usually thrilled to hear their heroes play the records that have inspired them while some feel it’s a poor substitute for the real thing as any plum can stick on a record, right? XFM DJ and Revolution promoter Martin Bate is probably best versed to speak on the subject. ‘It can certainly be frustrating when you work hard as a club DJ to get good gigs and build up good nights and then clubs start throwing money and time at somebody to DJ just because they are in a band. That’s the negative side of it. On the positive side, I can definitely understand why, for fans of a band they would want to hear that band playing the records that they love. It’s good to see another side of a band,’ he explains. And Martin also has some stellar advice for every type of spinner including the old hands and the dabblers: ‘It’s all very well playing the tunes that you love but you’ve really got to entertain people as well and give them what they want.’

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