The Rumble Strips, Pull Tiger Tail and The Little Ones (3 stars)

Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 23 May


(Picture: Pull Tiger Tail)

‘We are the pirates of peace,’ announce The Wee Yins. Translation: please don’t throw stuff at us, even though you don’t know who we are. But the unseasonably cheery Californians are at first met with unimpressed faces. Throughout the night goody bags, tiger masks and glitter are all employed in an effort to break the stoic stillness of the crowd.

Ironically, it’s not these gimmicks but the music of the zeitgeisty bands on this, yet another NME New Music Tour, that turn the crowd’s affections. The Little Ones play their enthusiastic chipper pop as if every audience member is their best friend, despite no one knowing the words, and a few smiles begin to crack.

Further exploiting the chinks in the audience’s indifference, Pull Tiger Tail deliver an expansive, new ravey sonic deluge that gets a few braver souls dancing. By the time the trumpety pop of The Rumble Strips gets going, lead singer Charlie Waller mishears ‘wanker’ from a heckler who actually says ‘encore’, and the mood of the crowd has indubitably changed.

(Suzanne Black)

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