Sweaty slimmer Kelly Osbourne

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  • 20 October 2009
Kelly Osbourne

Sweaty slimmer Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne says her body shape and skin have benefited from her gruelling training regime for 'Dancing with the Stars'

Kelly Osbourne has sweated her way to a size 8.

The presenter has a new, toned physique due to starring in US TV talent show 'Dancing with the Stars' but still isn't happy with certain parts of her body.

She told Britain's Closer magazine: "I am a size 8 now since losing more than 14lbs from all the dance training. I've been that small before, but it was when I was taking drugs and was really unhealthy. Now I'm so fit and even my skin looks better - I think it's from all the sweating!

"I am not loving my upper arms to be honest - I think I'll start doing some weights to tone them up."

Kelly has previously revealed she is enjoying appearing on the show much more than she thought she would.

She reduced mother Sharon to tears with her Viennese waltz, and is thrilled with how easy she has found mastering the steps to different routines.

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