Band of Horses (4 stars)

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 23 May


‘Youse are way better than Modest Mouse,’ shouted an audience-bound critic at this show by freshly-touted Seattle indie-rockers Band of Horses, and she had half a point. So maybe the facially hirsute sextet aren’t necessarily better, but they’re still riding high enough on their post South By South West buzz to have a similar level of fame in sight.

Marrying the same taste for epic guitar pop that Modest Mouse or perhaps Arcade Fire are famed for the homespun charm of Neil Young’s less rocking years. At times, they barrel like a barroom country rock band with a bunch of tight, nuanced songs of their own, at others they’re more relaxed a melodic, with singer Mat Brooke’s gently wavering lyric offering a folksy charm. He acknowledges that many of their songs come from the unfamiliar, unrecorded and untitled second album, but enough of last year’s Sub Pop debut Everything All the Time appeared to keep the crowd cheering their appreciation.

(David Pollock)

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