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  • 5 June 2007


Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: Chris Corsano

Chris Corsano is a drummer from New England, now resident in Edinburgh. He’s played extensively with sax player Paul Flaherty, Thurston Moore’s Dream/Aktion Unit and Evan Parker. He’s also played solo with Edinburgh noise doyens, Giant Tank, and on last year’s Resonant Spaces tour. Corsano appears on Björk’s recently released Volta album, and takes time out from her world tour to play some Scottish shows.

You’re currently playing amphitheatres with Björk, but are racing back to Edinburgh to play with Carla Bozulich, opening for Faust and playing Optimo. What energises you about these small shows?
As either listener or musician, I prefer smaller shows, hands down. They feel more immediate. I just try to react off of whoever I’m playing with. In a solo situation it’s about developing something from the ground up that will hopefully have some momentum.

What first attracted you to the drums?
Thirteen-year-old monkey saw, thirteen-year-old monkey did. I was emulating my brother who’d been playing since before I was born.

Who are your drum majors?
Muhammad Ali, Ikue Mori, Adris Hoyos, George Hurley, Milford Graves.

You play drums solo, but what about drum solos?
Potentially boring, potentially great. When music’s driven by ego, as maybe some drum (or guitar or whatever) solos are, it’s weak. But when a person pours their heart out without it being about showing off how technical or flashy they can be, then that’s some powerful mojo.

Music is a better noise. Discuss.
Only when noise isn’t busy being a better music.

(Neil Cooper)

Chris Corsano plays with Mick Flower, supporting Faust, Bongo Club Edinburgh, Sat 9 Jun; solo, Optimo@Sub Club, Glasgow, Sun 10 Jun.

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