Art Brut

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Sat 16 Jun


Bad reviews and disappointing chart placings often ruffle the feathers of your average rock star, but they’ve got nothing on an early morning call " which if timed wrongly can tip even the calmest crooner over the edge. So it’s slightly nerve-wracking to discover that we have woken Eddie Argos from a long, post-gig slumber to tell us about Art Brut. Yet far from the moody chat we feared by way of reprisal, the frontman is positively charming; nattering away non-stop. Thank heavens for that. ‘I’m just so excited to be back and releasing stuff,’ explains Argos excitedly. ‘With the first one, it was all bit rushed whereas this time it was nice to be able to actually sit down and plan it properly. We’re so proud of this record and are all just feeling really happy at the moment.’

Argos’ enthusiasm is as infectious as the music he is currently making. It’s a Bit Complicated reveals a snappy, poppier sound with a real polished sheen and diverse arrangements prompting people to hint at a more mature new direction for the band. The vocalist simply laughs at this, however, ‘Well it’s a very honest title in that it is more complex than the first and it does have the occasional horn section but if we’ve grown up, it’s not that much - maybe from me aged 17 to me aged 19 or something. We supported Ghostface Killah in America which was perhaps one of the most surreal experiences of my life,’ he goes on to add, ‘and when I was watching his show I had a drunken epiphany and decided we should sound more like him. I’m not sure if it worked out or not though.’ We’ll leave that up to you to decide …

(Camilla Pia)

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