Classic Grand, Glasgow, Thu 14 Jun

Surely the last thing we want is safe and predictable indie types dominating the music scene? If that were the case we’d be forced to get our rocks off to Keane records and Editors would be the epitome of cool. So whether you approve of their insanely catchy, electro-tinged grime punk or not we should all be thanking the heavens for Hadouken! - currently causing a stir after just one single release.

We catch up with amiable frontman James Smith to find out what it’s like to be in one of the most hotly debated new acts around.

‘We’re still a really young band and I think people forget that sometimes,’ he laughs. ‘We only formed a year ago and have just written our ninth song and already journalists are writing us off before we’ve had time to find ourselves. Basically we don’t let the criticism get to us because if people are arguing about us that encourages others to listen and then make their own minds up. We always set out to provoke reactions and piss people off and we’ve obviously managed to do that.’

With a spectacular new single out this month in the form of ‘Liquid Lives’, a completely sold out headline tour of the UK, a recent major label deal and an album on the way before the year is out, this nattily dressed quintet are obviously doing something right and hope to silence the haters by ‘soldiering on and proving them wrong’. ‘We’re constantly developing and making quality music and it just feels really exciting to be in Hadouken! at the moment,’ Smith adds. ‘We’re on a roll.’

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