Glasgow Zombie Walk

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  • 16 October 2009
Glasgow Zombie Walk

Ahead of Glasgow’s first ever West End zombie walk, organiser Colin Armstrong explains the big idea behind his day out for the undead

Colin Armstrong is a man with a dream, a dream to see a large group of mindless, dribbling corpses slowly wandering through Glasgow’s West End. Not everyone’s cup of tea perhaps, but for zombie movie fans this special Halloween crossover from B-movie to Byres road will be a nightmare come true.

‘In August I was a zombie extra in a film called I Spit On Your Rave at the Big Chill festival,’ Armstrong explains of the inspiration behind the walk. ‘It was great fun, so I wanted to do something similar. I told my friends about these zombie walks I’d heard about and they said I should try and get one on the go.’

Rapidly growing interest in the event on Facebook and Bebo have produced some worried murmurs from the council about safety on the day. However, Armstrong assures us these will be very well-behaved zombies.

‘The major rules of the walk are that you have to stick to the pavements and not aggravate anyone (by biting or other means). We have to use proper crossings and overpasses, which will look a little weird when there are 100 zombies waiting on the wee green man. On the flip side, when the man changes from red to green we get to unleash our zombie screams at the folk the other side of the road. Hanging your head, dragging your feet and shouting “brains” becomes socially acceptable!’

Taking place on Halloween itself, the day’s schedule involves a slow-paced lope down from the top of Byres Road to the Royal Concert Hall with all zombies ready to walk by 3pm. ‘It’s free and for fun,’ Armstrong insists. ‘Plus it’s on Halloween so there’s no reason not to come along really.’

Glasgow Zombie Walk

Dress as a member of the undead then stumble down Byres Road, arms outstretched. We're not sure why, but it sounds like fun. Starts from the Park Road/Eldon Street entrance to Kelvingrove Park.

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