Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions (4 stars)

Biffy Clyro - Only Revolution

And evolution too chaps?

It’s all making sense now with Biffy Clyro, since Muse showed that you didn’t need to follow the entirely conventional path and attain rock band enormodome status. And it’s not like with the demise of Oasis there will be a flood of rock geeks filling up the stadiums, but Biffy Clyro have created the album that could have them cross over into the big leagues without losing any of their wayward spark.

The grieving and introspection that was channelled through 2007’s Puzzle has given way to moments of fuzzy optimism and sweat-drenched hedonism. They skilfully balance their swoonsome pop nous with breathtaking prog interludes. Dynamic, adrenalised, boisterous but still wholly accessible, Only Revolution is a deceptive title, as this is evolution, not revolution.

(14th Floor)

Biffy Clyro

The award-winning, chart-topping Kilmarnock rockers return with their unique brand of hard alternative rock and post-hardcore. As their fans say, 'Mon the Biff!'

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