John Ostrander & Various (2 stars)

Star Wars: Honour & Duty (Dark Horse)


Given the epic scale of the Star Wars universe, George Lucas has afforded comic book writers an almost endless stream of possibilities for potential spin off publications. The downside to this is, to remain faithful and true to the films, and presumably not mortally offend hardcore Star Wars fans, they have to retain Lucas’ overcomplicated and verbose language.

This tale, which features just a handful of the original characters, starts in the years of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith and tells of political double crossing, conspiracy and murder within the senate. Inevitably, however, this spends so much time explaining the politics and establishing the full set of characters that it fails to draw up enough excitement to propel a story of much credibility. Which is a shame as the art for the most part is actually pretty smooth and expressive. Better still, seek out the original Clone Wars series in graphic novel, a way more rewarding Star Wars comic adventure.

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