Pete Andre silenced from kids

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  • 15 October 2009
Pete Andre

Pete Andre silenced from kids

Pete Andre claims he ''lost his temper'' with his estranged wife Katie Price's new boyfriend Alex Reid when he wasn't allowed to speak to his children for five days

Pete Andre claims Katie Price stopped him from speaking to his children for five days.

The 'Behind Closed Doors' singer has spoken out following reports he got into an argument with Katie's new boyfriend Alex Reid, claiming he only lost his cool as he was being refused access to the three children he raises with the glamour model.

Explaining his anger that Alex posted details of the conversation on Facebook, Peter said: "What really annoys me is when something private happens, within a minute, it's out there. The bottom line is, for five days I was not allowed to speak to my kids."

Referring to Alex as "this man", Peter then explained the details of the phone conversation.

He told UK daytime TV show 'This Morning: "Anyone close to me knows that I couldn't speak to them and then on Tuesday night (13.10.09) I got on the phone saying, 'I want to speak to my kids. I was handed the phone to this man who said 'he's the man of the house now' and he refused to allow me to speak to my children.

"Now, I'm not perfect, I am human, I am a father and I don't know any father that would not react to some man saying 'no, you're not speaking to them' and I lost my temper. I admit it."

Peter then accused Alex of playing a "ridiculous game" by barring him from talking to Harvey, seven, Junior, four, and two-year-old Princess Tiaamii.

He explained: "I'm tired of it, I just want to move on in every sense of the word. The kids are my life, I don't care about anything else but them - I've said that a million times, and everyone knows the only way to push my buttons is not to let me speak to my kids or see them and that's what's been happening."

It had earlier been claimed Peter rang Katie's mobile phone to speak to the children, but she asked Alex to answer the call.

As Alex began shouting at Peter, the singer replied: "Look mate, there's a lot of people who want to break your legs."

Katie has also spoken about the claims, insisting Peter's version of events is not true.

She wrote on her Twitter page: "People got it wrong AGAIN pete said IM GONNA BREAK YOUR F***ING LEGS watch your back >>nice pete in front of kids!

"I called him too speak to kids being nice... his true colours are starting to come out thank god !!

"Alex is calm a real gentle guy stop believing what you read and realise pete is not the sweet guy that he always portrays (sic)."

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