Rahzel and JS-1

Rahzel and JS-1

Hip-hop on the decks at Cab Volt

This fortnight Cabaret Voltaire welcomes a great hip hop double act: Rahzel and DJ JS-1. Probably the best known beatboxer of all time, Rahzel has been leading the scene for years, having brought the ‘fifth element of hip-hop’ to the world’s attention by way of collaborations with The Roots and his incredible solo live performances.

Fellow New York native JS-1 has just released his third album, No Sell Out, which is firmly centered on ‘back in the day’ sampling of funk and soul and features a host of great MCs. One of the highlights, ‘Nuthin’, features new talent, Brother Ali, sharing the mic with Sadat X and CL Smooth, two legendary rappers from the ‘golden age’.

‘Having Sadat was a no-brainer,’ says JS-1. ‘Working with CL was awesome because I always loved his music. And I added Brother Ali last, after performing with him at Nokia Theatre in NY.’

Asked about their forthcoming performance, Rahzel explains: ‘People can expect to see JS-1 entertain the crowd for a bit with his own set showing off his amazing skills. Then him and I blending things together to entertain the crowd.’

‘Touring with Rahzel is a blessing,’ adds JS-1. ‘We have done tons of shows in the past decade, probably close to 1000 by now. We have never prepared anything in advance, honestly.’

The two will be supported by a variety of local hip hop artists, including well-regarded rapper, Loki, and Scotland’s amazing beat-box talent, Big Taj for a night of hip hop perfection.

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 31 Oct

Rahzel and JS-1

Live club show of hip hop, beatbox and turntable skills from these two masters of the art.

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