Fun Size

Fun Size

A look at the Hi-NRG club night in Glasgow

‘I’m a bit bored of being serious,’ says Teamy, co-promoter of Fun Size. ‘New music and clubs and even the political vibe of this decade are all a bit serious, really. So I’m going to channel the five-year-old version of me for Fun Size. That’s when my mum bought me some ‘best of 1985’ album because it had ‘Ghostbusters’ on it, but it also had ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’ by Dead or Alive, ‘Male Stripper’ by Man 2 Man and loads of other Hi-NRG tunes. So I want to channel that five-year-old dancing around the living room in his underpants to the only record he owns.’

Just because ‘fun’ is the word Teamy uses most, it doesn’t mean we’re talking kitsch. Or ‘fun … but shit’, as he calls it. He anticipates playing Hi-NRG, classic disco with female vocals and upbeat rock’n’roll from the 50s: basically ‘anything that puts a smile on people’s face.’ It’s a diversion from his other night in Glasgow, Nice’n’Sleazy’s monthly Wrong Island, and also for his co-promoter David Barbarossa. ‘I’ve known David for some years now,’ says Teamy, ‘mostly through meeting on the dancefloor at Optimo dancing wildly to the same tunes. He’s very much a DJ’s DJ; I saw him play with [LCD Soundsystem’s] James Murphy last year, and James was taking note of every song he played.’

Max’s Kansas City itself (and the downstairs bar, La Cheetah) is the building formerly known as the Twisted Wheel, and before that the Rock Garden. So expect a fun new night for a fun new venue.

Max’s Kansas City, Glasgow, Fri 30 Oct

Fun Size

FUN! all the way, with Teamy (Wrong Island) and David Barbarossa (Curious Curious). Expect 'free CDs, shout-outs, booze, attractive punters, hairy DJs and taps aff.'

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