DVD - L’Appartement (3 stars)


(15) 112min (Optimum DVD rental/retail)


It would be perfectly plausible to say that only the French could make a film like L’Apppartement were it not for the fact that this mid-90s unromantic thriller feels like below par Hitchcock, one with our Alf choosing pervy over edgy. There’s the spooky Bernard Herrmann-like orchestration and the central lead of a handsome yet gaunt man (for Jimmy Stewart read Vincent Cassel) who’s trying to pack up his troubles and settle down only to make things worse by, at least, tenfold.

Then there’s the beautiful, tortured women he’s involved with: Monica Bellucci plays his one true love who has ghosted back into his life and Romaine Bohringer is a one-night stand who knows more about him than he’d care to learn. And finally, there’s the finger-gnawing climax as our anti-hero’s errors and obsessions come home to roost. While this has its own magnetic power, you’d really be better off revisiting Vertigo. Minimal extras.

(Brian Donaldson)

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