Rockers and Rollers by Brian Johnson (2 stars)

Rockers and Rollers by Brian Johnson

AC/DC singer and sometime amateur racer Brian Johnson measures his ride along the highway to hell above all not in sex, drugs or rock’n’roll, but automobiles. Motors are the Geordie petrolhead’s passion – from E-Type Jags to TVRs, Rolls Royce Phantoms and Range Rovers – and his sense of humour is about as ribald as you’d expect from a hard rocker of his unreconstructed generation.

Most chapters – covering subjects ranging from early fumblings in Minis to latter encounters on tour buses – are so brief and smutty that they read like they were scrawled on the back of condom wrappers. One is simply titled ‘The Anal Intruder’, and that’s all we’ll say about that. If Johnson feels the need to squeeze the words ‘fart’, ‘shag’ or ‘blowjob’ into a sentence – or describe a car as a ‘penis extension’ – then he just will. This is probably the perfect gift for anyone you know who likes cars but finds Top Gear too high-brow.

(Michael Joseph)


'For Those About to Rock we Salute You' … The world's greatest rock band, with an envious back catalogue featuring 'Back in Black', 'Highway to Hell' and the booming 'Thunderstruck', are 'Rock or Bust' on their latest world tour. Currently featuring Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses) on vocals.

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