Also Published: Debut novels

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  • 16 October 2009
Also Published: Debut novels

Getting off to a good start

Jacqueline Yallop Kissing Alice
Arthur Craythorne marries Queenie May just as World War I bursts into action. At its finale, he returns to his missus and kids a very changed man.

Laleh Khadivi The Age of Orphans
A planned trilogy about three generations of Kurdish families leaving their homeland for the USA starts with the fictionalised story of the author’s grandfather.

Nick Stafford
The playwright who adapted Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse to great success debuts with the tale of young woman’s attempt to discover the truth about her fiancé’s mysterious death in battle.

Camilla Noli The Mother’s Tale
Controversial little number this as Noli’s novella focuses on the dark side of parenting with a mum struggling to cope with having two babies in quick succession and beginning to harbour murderous thoughts.

Jeannette Walls
Half Broke Horses
Based on the true life of the author’s maternal gran, it focuses on a woman who leaves home at 15 to become a cowgirl and horse trainer.
Simon & Schuster.

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